Moving Businesses From Vision To Visibility


I have always loved the creative aspects of print publishing, advertising and other traditional media. I started working in publishing in high school with our student run newspaper and as the Senior Editor of our school yearbook. In college, I jumped into PR/Marketing as the Publicity Director for our student-run theatre company. However, my enthusiasm and creative juices have been greatly amplified and stoked by the near unlimited creative opportunities and imaginative appeal of the Internet and other online, interactive tools.


In 2003, I earned a B.F.A. from Stephens College in Missouri, which (naturally) led me into a career in the public finance sector. After five years in investment banking, I decided to return to my creative roots and in 2011, I opened G.Stein Design. With a unique background in business and finance, an expertise in web development and interactive media, and a passion for graphic design, I have worked to move businesses - ranging from financial advisory firms and consultants to leading coalitions and economic development organizations to online retailers, travel-related businesses and actor sites - "from vision to visibility."

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